I am so happy with how my home turned out – it is EXACTLY what I was dreaming of. New Dawn and their expert team helped make it happen.

Before I decided to build my dream home, I was full of reservations about the actual build process as I had never had a home built from the ground up before. “Everyone” had stories to share about their experiences that quite frankly scared me to death. In the end after numerous planning visits and many cups of coffee and yes even another change in my decision I decided to actually make it happen. I truly believe this was due to Sherry’s perseverance and understanding that I realized I could put everything into her and New Dawn’s hands. She helped me believe my dream could happen.

We spent many hours going through the initial phase of choosing the right plan to fit my lifestyle and my budget. Then I needed to make decisions about other choices for my home – together decisions were made! At least so I thought but then I changed my mind. I finally did finalize my choices but not without a lot of guidance and direction from Sherry and Rebecca. They just seemed to know what would work for me even though I was so unsure myself. They both respected my good and not so good ideas as well as my concerns and just as importantly staying within my budget.

My home was completed right on target for the timeline they gave me. The fantastic part is that my home is really beautiful and sits on a lot overlooking a golf course but does not look out of place. It fits right in with the surroundings. I love enjoying a cup of coffee early in the morning watching the sunrise above the mountains and thinking “this is all mine”. Now I am looking forward to sharing my home with family and friends.